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Two in court for possession of counterfeit cash amounting to Sh300million

Two men arrested with counterfeit money – $3million and Sh950,000 – in Nairobi after conning members of public in Kawangware have been charged in court with possession of implements of forgery.

Bonny Anjera Muswati and Utia Robert Kudi are accused of possessing papers intended to resemble and pass as special papers used in making bank currency notes amounting to 3,013,200 USD in Kileleshwa on July 30, 2020 without lawful authority or excuse.

They were also charged with being in possession of a machine and white powder intended to resemble a special machine used in making bank currency notes on the same date when they were arrested along Gitanga Road after members of public alerted police.

Muswati was flagged down by police officers who instructed him to open his car boot where a briefcase containing the cash and other items was found.

Officers arrested Kudi as he attempted to escape from the car as the search was being conducted.

The two suspects denied the charges before Chief Magistrate Joyce Gandani of the Kibera Law Courts.

They were each granted a Sh400,000 bond with a surety of a similar. Muswati can pay a cash bail of Sh50,000 but the same is not available for Kudi who is a foreigner. Mentioning of the case has been set for August 17, 2020.