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Two killed and houses burnt in Njiru over a piece of land

Two people were on Sunday killed and several others injured during a fight between residents and guards in a land ownership row over a parcel of land in Njiru, Kasarani, Nairobi county.

Residents who were evicted from the quarry land a year ago today ganged up to repossess their land but were repulsed by armed guards at the quarry land leading to a scuffle that resulted in two fatalities.

The injured, including one whose fingers were chopped off, were rushed to the mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

Police who visited the site found over 300 people who claimed to be rightful owners of the disputed land.

According to Paul Wambogo, Njiru Sub-County Commander said that those claiming own the land should produce a court order and the police will provide them with security.

“All you need is a court order and I will give you all the support you need. If you have no court order, you are not justified to come in and start creating chaos in this area,” he said.

He cautioned those who started to invade the land and warned them to stay away.

“I am cautioning you, you might be lucky because if we face one on one, the law is very clear, I will deal with you squarely,” he added.

The aggrieved group is pleading with the new government and their member of parliament Dennis Karauri to intervene so that they can reclaim their land.

11 people were arrested during the altercation and a car that is believed to have ferried the goons was impounded.

The 800-member Njiru Ageria Land Buying Society also claims its 180 acres of land have been turned into a building stone quarry by gangs, and no amount of litigation has helped. The police are said to be receiving “protection money”.

In a previous interview with Sunday Nation, Shaban Karanja, a member of the 800-member society, said the litigation has not been helpful.

“Some people colluded with City Hall officials and manufactured documents to kick off a dispute. Our members were to get a plot each but they are still waiting,” said Karanja.

With a bundle of documents as proof of ownership, Karanja added that the government can easily tell who the real owners of the land are, but somehow seems disinterested in the sticky affair.

Another member, Simon Njoroge, says the quarries have destroyed the land as the invaders make millions of shillings on property that does not belong to them. He says the police “are accomplices because they receive regular protection money”.

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