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Uchawi! Harmonize ‘admits’ to sending scary bat to Diamond’s mansion

Tanzanian bongo star, Harmonize, has stirred up quite the buzz after revealing that he was the mastermind behind the mysterious appearance of a bat at the front door of Diamond Platnumz’s Mansion.

The revelation came amidst a series of social media posts where Harmonize hinted at his involvement in the peculiar incident.

In a video circulating on social media, Harmonize can be seen stating that he was sending a red bat to someone’s house, implying a symbolic gesture aimed at a certain individual.

Additionally, in another post, he cryptically referred to himself as a bat, stating, “Ukipenda niite Mzee popo” (If you like, call me Mr. Bat).

He further added, “Nikikuja usipotangaza anarudi. Bora umesema ndugu yangu. Naitwa Mzee popo” (If I come and you don’t announce, he will return. It’s better you’ve said it, my brother. Call me Mr. Bat).

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Diamond Platnumz himself took to social media to share his rather unusual encounter upon returning home on Thursday, February 8.

He found himself face to face with an unexpected guest – a bat perched at the entrance of his palatial mansion. Humorously remarking on the situation, Diamond postponed the release of his scheduled music video, stating:

“I found a bat on my front door. That means that I will postpone the release of my music video scheduled for tomorrow – February 9.”

The artist’s Instagram story captured his concern, suggesting that he might have been targeted with bad luck or witchcraft through the bat’s appearance.

The incident garnered attention from fans and followers, with Wasafi TV posing the question:

“Was the bat sent by his opponents?”

This sparked a flurry of reactions from netizens, ranging from playful speculation to dismissal of any deeper meaning behind the encounter.

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Encountering a bat at home can evoke various interpretations and beliefs, depending on cultural, spiritual, and personal perspectives.

While some may see it as a mere coincidence, others may interpret it as a sign or omen, especially given the context of Harmonize’s suggestive social media posts.

The relationship between the former Wasafi signee and his ex-boss Diamond Platnumz is strained, with the two not seeing eye to eye.