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Ugandan activist Stella Nyanzi’s baby daddy reunites with kids after 15 years

Ugandan activist Stella Nyanzi’ s children have reunited with their father after 15 years.

The outspoken Nyanzi confirmed the move on her socials, complete with photos of the children bonding with their dad.

“I am an emotional mess! My fifteen-year-old twin sons met their father for the first time in life, in my absence.”

The activist was in South Africa to attend a conference when her baby daddy showed up in Germany, where she currently lives in exile.

“I have always wondered what sort of meeting would transpire the first time that my sons meet their father. I had given up all hope of them ever meeting him in his lifetime. And now, when I am absent from home, my children meet their father after over fifteen years of his physical absence from their lives!! God has a sense of humor,” she added.

The mother of three met her baby daddy, namely Osman, a Gambian, in the United Kingdom when both were students.

They got married and she went with him to the Gambia where she gave birth to their daughter Baraka.

Months later she moved back to UK the couple was blessed with twins.

“I married him in a Muslim Mosque (even though I am a Christian). I loved Osman so much. He is still my best friend. I saw our union as a merging of East and West Africa,” she explained.

“We relocated to London and got Rehma, my first daughter. We were poor immigrants but so much in love. We lived in shoddy areas as students but it didn’t matter. It was love that saw me through my PhD. At the end of the PhD, I realise I have conceived twins. At the time my husband’s country (Gambia) has a lockdown of sorts against homosexual men and he is staying in the UK on my visa, which is a student visa.”

“He tells me to go to Uganda and he will follow me. When I get to Uganda he tells me he is not coming to join me in Africa. He reveals he will be applying for asylum to leave in the UK as a gay. I was like ‘what’?”

Since, Nyanzi, an aspiring politician, has had to raise the children all by herself.

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