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Ugandan scholar reneges on promise to burn genitals after Museveni win

Remember the Ugandan scholar who declared she would burn her private parts if President Yoweri Museveni won the February elections?

Well, fortunately for herself and her loved ones, she has decided to go back on her word.

In an elaborate explanation on her official Facebook page on Saturday, Dr Stella Nyanzi of Makerere University’s Institute of Social Research “clarified” that “no politician is worth her *****.”

“And no, I never burnt my ****. That was a literary device. No politician is worth it!”

A week to Uganda’s February 18 elections, the scholar had declared that she will burn her genitals on hot charcoal should Museveni win in the elections..

“If Museveni wins the presidential elections in February 2016,” she wrote at the time, “I will slowly remove my panties, sit by my burning charcoal stove, roast my (unprintable) crunchy black, and use the piece as a crayon to color the Ugandan flag all black,” the mother of three shared.

President Museveni comfortably won the elections by amassing a 60 per cent tally of the total votes cast, according to the official results from the country’s electoral board,.

The the results have since been contested in court.