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Uhuru comically tears into DP Ruto as Raila watches unamused – VIDEO

Raila Odinga is one of the key architects of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and the launch of its report at Bomas of Kenya was a significant event for him.

However, he seemed unamused on Monday when president Uhuru Kenyatta was making admissions about politicians and their bad politics

President Kenyatta, while giving his speech at Bomas, urged politicians to stop concentrating on 2022 and focus on issues affecting Kenyans.

He took the chance to admit he had also been part of bad politics that had plagued the country resulting in chaotic elections and divisions.

“This is what divides us because we pretend we are national leaders, but when the time comes we switch to vernacular and we become what we are. I will also admit today that I have been part and parcel of that negative politics,” he said.

He added: “I am not pointing fingers at anybody I am just saying we are all part of this mess.”

Kenyatta acknowledged his deputy William Ruto for the role played in supporting his vision before his 2022 presidential ambitions kicked in.

Ndio namshukuru hata upande yetu wa Jubilee tulisonga pamoja hapa katikati ndio 2022 ikaanza kuwa ….. akasahau yale mengine. Ndio nasema watu tutulize ball hio itakuja,” said Kenyatta.

(Translation: I also thank my Jubilee side because we moved in unity but somewhere in between 2022 issues came into play….then he forgot the other things. That’s’ why I am saying let’s slow things down a bit.)

Race hii ni ile ya kuhand over inaitwa relay, unakimbia unapata mwengine anakungojea pale anatakikana kukungonjea ndio ashike aendelee. Lakini my brother William hapa amepinduka anakimbia nyuma,” he went on.

(Translation “This is a relay, you run then hand over the baton to the next runner. But my brother William has turned and is running in the opposite direction.”)

At this instance, the whole hall burst into laughter, but all the while Odinga appeared nonchalant to what the Head of State was saying.

As the ODM leader maintained a serious face, DP William Ruto is seen almost falling off his seat laughing at Mr Kenyatta’s swipe at him.

The scene and cast might be the same but the script seems to have changed slightly from that of 2019, when at the same venue, Dr Ruto was the one caught with an apathetic expression on his face.

Kenyatta shared a brief moment of bromance and handshake with Ruto before finally proceeding to leave the venue in an embrace with Raila.