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Uhuru almost knocked off balance by Zuma’s clumsy bodyguard – VIDEO

By EDDY KAGERA January 12th, 2018 1 min read

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s handlers were left red-faced Thursday after the head of state was momentarily blocked by the door of his official vehicle.

The President is in South Africa for a three-day official visit hosted by President Jacob Zuma.

But his arrival in Durban did not go too smoothly.

With TV and still cameras trained on his vehicle, a South African security detail is seen opening the back left door but from behind.

Mr Kenyatta is then seen buttoning his coat as he disembarks from the vehicle, getting in between the door and the security officer, who obviously releases the door.

The door then pushes the head of state and is only assisted by another quick thinking Kenyan security officer who pulls the door from the other side.

The president then walks towards his host who is standing outside his office.