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Uhuru shouts ‘I love you’ to Nakuru woman – VIDEO

Retiring President Uhuru Kenyatta recently left a crowd in hearty laughter after gushing over a woman.

Speaking during the re-commissioning of the Nakuru Railway Station in Nakuru, the unidentified woman interrupted the Head of State’s talk saying, “Uhuru I love you,” to which he responded, “I love you too…Asante sana (thank you so much).”

The recipient of the love message from the President was not visible on camera.

The reaction from the President Kenyatta drew laughter and cheer from the crowd.

President Kenyatta also said the revamped Nakuru-Kisumu railway line would open the county to business and employment opportunities.

“Over 25,000 young men and women will be gainfully employed from this county,” he said.

Rehabilitation of the 217-kilometre Meter Gauge Railway started in August 2020, and was to be commissioned in December 2021, when President Kenyatta awarded Nakuru a city status charter.

However, due to unclear circumstances, the commissioning of the Nakuru- Kisumu railway was postponed. That project cost the government at least 3.8 billion.

“The Nakuru-Kisumu railway line will improve the transportation of passengers and cargo,” he added.

President Kenyatta who has less than two weeks to leave office has been touring the country and launching projects.