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Uhuru supporter dies of ‘over excitement’

Tragedy struck Bibilioni village in Bahati, Nakuru on Saturday morning when a woman allegedly died of “over excitement”.

Mary Kariuki had gone celebrating with her village members after President Uhuru Kenyatta had been declared the winner.

Ms Kariuki was among the first to receive the news and alerted her neighbours as they broke into song and dance.

“’She woke up the whole village with a trumpet that her husband Mr Paul Kariuki had bought prior to the celebrations; we immediately converged at her home and begun celebrating,” recalled Pauline Waithera.

They went to Bahati Center, five kilometers away from their village, to celebrate, as she led the rest in song, dance and prayers.


“She was our band leader during our night celebrations after it emerged that Uhuru (Kenyatta) had won. We prayed and danced for over five kilometers from our village to the main road,” said Ms  Waithera, one of her neighbors.

When they went back to their homes at about 4am, Ms Kariuki asked all those she was with to remember to pray and thank God for the victory.

According to her husband, Mr Kariuki, those were her last words as she did not wake up on Saturday morning.

The 38-year-old mother of five had wished that her area Member of Parliament Kimani Ngunjiri be re-elected as well as President Kenyatta.


“It was her wish that Kimani Ngunjiri and President Kenyatta be re-elected. She had been praying for them even at her last hour,” said Ms Waithera.

Mr Ngunjiri promised to take care of all the funeral expenses of Ms Kariuki saying that he was so impressed by her prayers and for the celebrations she held in the village for his sake.

“I’m so impressed with the fact that Ms Kariuki had been praying for me and President Kenyatta’s victory. I will take care of every single coin in her funeral to ensure that she is accorded the best send-off,” said Mr Ngunjiri.

He also promised to take care of the five children Ms Kariuki has left behind with all their basic needs including taking care of their school fees. Ms Kariuki’s last born child is only three years old.