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Uhuru the rainmaker? Critics and supporters differ – VIDEO

By GRACE GITAU January 21st, 2017 2 min read

At 6pm on Friday, President Uhuru Kenyatta was pushed to pray for rains by a crowd in Nyeri. But he refused, saying he is not a pastor but a politician.

“But am not a pastor, am a politician, how can you ask me pray when what I do best is politics,” he posed.

But the crowd was unrelenting and pushed him further. He agreed.

“Our God we pray for peace in our country, give us rains so that our animals have something to eat. We pray for a good harvest in our farms and growth in our country. We pray for victory,” the President prayed in Kikuyu.

Ten  seconds later, the heavens suddenly opened!

This dramatic turn of events has sparked a vicious debate on whether the President’s prayer caused the rain. The debate in Nyeri and social media has pitted his supporters and detractors alike with supporters saying it rained after his prayers but detractors saying it was a mere coincidence.


Social media was awash with praise on the head of state for heeding to requests of his supporters to lead them in prayers.

Gerald Maina said: “Uhuru prayed for rain while at Nyeri after the crowd said Amen heavy rain was seen at Nyeri.”

“What else do people want to see GOD’S blessings towards our President, one GOD blessed no man curse,” posted Pius Wachinga while Maranga wa Thecia said the President is the like the Biblical Moses of the time.

“For sure Gods hear prayers President prayed for rain when he arrived in Nyeri and after award it rained for over one hour and so,” said Virg Chambers.

“This means a lot. If our President could land in Nyeri and the Lord answers his prayer even before he leaves the place, I can only imagine what would happen to this country if he called for a day of prayer and fasting and he led it himself,” Catherine Kabiri suggested.

Social media platforms were awash with images of the flooding streets and the video clip was shared widely.

There were interesting posts from the president’s supporters and critics alike.


Laban Thuo wrote on Facebook “His Excellency the President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, just like our respectable distinguished fore-fathers and elders prayed for our nation in Nyeri for rain and it really rained. That’s a sign!!!! For better things ahead.”

“Believe me our President is not only a leader but a prophet, after he prayed for rain in Nyeri in a few minutes later it rained,” Dorlyn Magambo said.

Bonny Kim said: “It rained cats and dogs in Nyeri today during President Uhuru meet the people Tour. Signs of a blessed Leader. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.President Uhuru is God chosen leader.”

President Kenyatta was on his five day tour of Mount Kenya region to whip up his supporters for the ongoing mass registration.

After holding spirited campaign across Mathira, Othaya, Mukurwe-ini and Tetu Constituency he landed in Nyeri town.

The question now behind every person’s mind is “Uhuru really a rainmaker?”

Additional reporting by Joseph Wangui