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Uhuru’s son favourite hangout faces closure over noise pollution

Nairobi City County government has ordered for the shutdown of  President Uhuru Kenyatta’s youngest son favourite hangout in the city.

City Hall has ordered for the closure of two nightclubs, namely B-Club and Kiza Lounge, both located in the posh Kilimani area over noise pollution.

Muhoho Kenyatta is a frequent patron at B-Club along Galana road in Kilimani and has on several occasions been photographed in the joint enjoying a good time with friends.

Nairobi licensing acting director H.M Agwena, in an enforcement letter to the Director Inspectorate, said the two clubs have had their licenses withdrawn and should be closed down.


“At the CEC meeting held on 23rd November 2016 under item 17 (iii), it was recommended that your office enforce on the above restaurants causing noise pollution we have already withdrawn the business licenses for Single Business Permit and Liquor Licenses. They should therefore be closed down,” stated the letter.

Mr Agwena went on to state that the decision is final and irreversible.

“Please arrange for a joint operation between the Licensing, Environment and your team to conduct a joint operation,” he concluded.

A spot check on the clubs’ social media accounts revealed that Kiza Lounge hosted the Pulse Music Awards on Thursday and is scheduled to host a Friday night party with a lineup of four deejays.