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Unveiling Eric Omondi’s philanthropic deeds

Once renowned for his ability to excite the audience at standup comedy events, Eric Omondi has, in less than a year, transformed from a comedian and content creator to an activist and philanthropist amid suggestions he is eyeing a political seat.

Soon after President William Ruto took power in September 2023, Omondi staged several protests over a lack of jobs and a high cost of living in the streets of Nairobi and Kisumu.

These actions have landed him in the wrong books with authorities and ample time behind bars.

At one time he was arrested for distributing maize flour to his supporters in Nairobi.

He was also arrested after attempting to storm Parliament buildings with a group of shirtless muscular men donning black shorts.

All said, Omondi appears to be taking advantage of his popularity on social media to raise funds for the needy.

Here’s a look at some of the popular comedian philanthropy deeds in the recent past.

1. Raised Sh2 million for deceased baby 

On October 26, 2023, Omondi shared a video of a funeral procession led by the family members of baby Dylan Calmax who died a few months back but had not been laid to rest owing to a Sh2.8 million hospital bill.

He captioned it, “We did it guys! There is no power like the power in unity! Ni sisi Kwa Sisi. We managed to give Baby Dylan a decent burial 4 months after he passed. We managed to give his Mother Christine Kaluki closure and peace. Thank you to everyone who contributed! God bless you.”

A day earlier, the comedian had shared a message on his Instagram about the plight of the deceased’s mother. He urged Kenyans to contribute towards the send-off.

“Her mother Christine Mbale needs to rest his boy so she can get closure. She is traumatized. We bought the coffin with the small amount we received and dug the grave at Langata Cemetery. We are now live to raise money to settle the bill of 2.8M Keep Sending your MPESA to her number 0757180967- Name is Christine Kaluki Mbale.”

2. Fundraised Sh817K for a disabled mother who was harassed by Kanjos

Eric Omondi helped in fundraising for a physically challenged woman who had been harassed by Nairobi County officers.

The woman identified as Mary Otieno was captured on video lying on the ground as county Askaris manhandled her at Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD).

The video also showed the items the woman was selling littered all over the road as the crowd of people milled near her sympathising with her situation

After the video went viral, Omondi looked for her and appealed to Kenyans to raise money to support her life.

“This is a disabled mother of five. She has been hawking for 20 years. County askaris not only harassed her but destroyed her items. If you know her, please send me her contact,”

“We did it guys. We changed her life. Thank you to everyone who sent anything. God bless you. We are at Sh817k, tufikishe mitaa. For those who still want to send, do it through her number,” he said.

3. Fundraised over Sh600K for a lady whose stock was confiscated by County government officers

Omondi sought out Quinter Adhiambo to offer a helping hand after her stock was confiscated and destroyed by Nairobi County government officers.

He got hold of her and organized an online fundraiser where well-wishers donated over Sh600,000.

“Last night we managed to raise Ksh 556K in 3 hours for Quinter after the City Council Disgracefully kicked and threw her stock to the ground. What the devil meant to break her God used to lift her. God wins. We are going to change her life. Keep sending her Money to her Number,” Omondi said.

4. Fundraised for a man whose motorbike was burnt around Utawala

Omondi posted a video of a man he identified as Ken Muganda whom he said lost his life-saving of four years.

“This guy saved money for 4 years to buy this motorbike. This is his only asset and he uses it to feed his family…His bike was burnt around Utawala and now he is unable to provide even the most basic needs to his family. I will be going to live with him from 8 pm…We will change his life, we will change his Wife and children’s lives. This incident meant to break him will become his blessing,” Omondi posted on Instagram.

He later said that they had managed to collect Sh40,000 as he pleaded with Kenyans to help.

5. Bought school uniforms for needy students

On April 19, 2023, the controversial comedian shared a video of himself buying and gifting school uniforms to four needy school-going children.

“Today we bought School Uniforms for 4 very needy Pupils” he shared on his social media accounts as he challenged the government to take a 50% pay cut for four months just to avoid the suffering of many Kenyans.

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