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US Ambassador declares he’s taken, sparks hilarious Twitter jokes

US Ambassador Kyle McCarter on Thursday lit Twitter with his public declaration of love to his wife Victoria.

In a tweet, the ambassador showered praise to his wife saying she is the ideal and only woman he could ever want.

That is not all.

He went ahead to tell off nosy Kenyans netizens who have been dropping hints of finding him a Kenyan wife.

“Standing next to the most beautiful & courageous woman I know. So for all you jokers who keep bringing up the silly idea that I might find another (Kenyan) wife. Sorry, Victoria is all I can handle and all I could ever want,” tweeted Mr McCarter.

Kenyans on Twitter found the tweet humorous, advising him not to take some of what KOT say seriously. But there were still those who were sceptical.

S.O Makanda said; “Nyote husema hivi. In two years mnakunywa Mursik paying dowry.”

Kelvin M’mayi asked; “You are new Mr. Ambassador, easy….rem the Maslow’s law of hierachy?”

Mogaka wrote; “Balozi, thats a Kenyan thing…it’s never that serious. You didn’t have to respond harshly. Kenyans joke alot, you will get used to it as we move along. Hakuna Matata.”

Noor Yassin commented; “Okey Victoria, we’ve had you, now pass the phone to the owner.”

Wambua stated; “Balozi, is it you replying to this thread or some intern? Either way….. It’s okay to lay it straight that every man has unlimited bragging rights in as far as their ladies is concerned.”

Terry Shiundu tweeted; “And she’s lovely and beautiful. Was a wonderful host to us during the Global Give Back cocktail you’re blessed!”

Rich Arunga said; “Wow she is so beautiful… A very powerful confession. Thanks for being a good example to all men not only in Kenya but the whole world.. Keep it up sir na mbarikiwe Sana tena sana. I really love this umenifurahisha.”

Kinoti wa Kinoti commented; “Tembea meru .Kwanza.Tharaka Nithi County Hautarudi America.”

Justus Omollo replied; “Reminds me of President Mwai Kibaki calling a press conference to declare he only has one wife, Lucy. I’m treating this as an appreciation tweet for Victoria, though.”