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Vanessa Mdee’s hubby explains change of heart about ‘unmasking’ their kids

American actor and singer Rotimi, widely known for his role in the hit TV series Power, has revealed why he and his partner Vanessa Mdee made the decision to introduce their two children to the world.

On Thursday, November 24, 2023, Rotimi shared heartwarming family portraits on his Instagram, showcasing the couple’s two children in a public debut.

“It took a lot of time to find the perfect moment to show my kids to the world… but today just felt right. Vee and I spoke about it 1000s of times because the Internet is such a place of negativity you start to feel like there’s no point BUT after discussion, we believed the love would overpower all,” Rotima captioned the photos.

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Rotimi also mentioned the challenges that come with unveiling their children on social media, especially the concerns about their safety.

Despite the apprehensions, the couple, after weighing their options and seeking guidance through prayer, chose to share their “most precious gifts” with the world.

The family made their debut appearance in coordinated maroon outfits, with Vanessa dazzling in a high-slit dress and matching head wrap, while Rotimi and the kids sported stylish blue custom-made attire.

“The greatest gifts we’ve ever received,” the couple said in a joint Instagram post.

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The couple had been previously cautious about sharing their kids’ faces on social media.

In May 2022, Rotimi and Vanessa spoke about the importance of allowing their children the choice to grow up away from the public eye.

“We are celebrities, but our children never chose that life, and it comes with a lot of things. We are giving them a chance to know himself. He is a young man. Let him grow up. It’s not like we are hiding him. You all know that he is there. He is our baby, he is our heart,” Vanessa said on Instagram back in May.

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