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Veteran actress Nini Wacera mourns the loss of colleague Charles Ouda

Nini Wacera, a veteran actress, has honored Charles Ouda with a heartfelt tribute.

In an emotional message shared on Kudoboard, Nini Wacera expressed her profound grief over the untimely demise of Charles Ouda, who passed away on Saturday, February 4th.

“Dearest Charli, all your dreams and goals seem to have faded away with your departure. I only hope that we can continue to carry the passion you had to elevate the young artists in Kenya. You took the time, made the effort, and gave willingly and lovingly to all who sought you out,” Nini penned, her words dripping with emotion.

The actress, visibly shattered by the loss, revealed that she was eagerly anticipating her first on-screen collaboration with Charles Ouda, making his passing even more devastating for her.

“I am broken with grief, we were just about to work together on screen for the 1st time and I was super excited about this. Charli, it’s so hard to say goodbye. We all love you and cherish you. Your face and smile will forever be etched in our minds. You will not be forgotten,” she continued.

The Kudoboard platform, initiated by one of Charles’ longtime friends and a respected Saint Mary’s alumnus, serves as a digital space for friends, colleagues, and admirers to pay tribute to the late actor through shared memories, photographs, videos, and reflections.

Through a WhatsApp group, the same friend urged individuals to contribute their heartfelt tributes, encouraging the collective honoring of Charles’ remarkable life and legacy.

News of Charles Ouda’s passing was first announced by fellow thespian Mkamzee Mwatela, alongside a statement from Ciru Muriuki and the Ouda family, confirming the heartbreaking loss.

“It is with deep sorrow that the family of Charles ‘Charlie’ J. Ouda and Ciru Muriuki inform you of his passing on the night of 3rd February 2024.

He was a beloved son, brother, and friend. Charlie was 38 years old. We appeal to all to give his fiancée Ciru, and the Oudas space to grieve this unfathomable loss.

More details will be given in due course. Once again, we urge all to respect the privacy of those involved. A statement issued on behalf of the Oudas and Ciru Muriuki,” the statement read.

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