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Wackiest WhatsApp Groups in Nairobi

The mobile phone application WhatsApp has provided users with a quicker and cheaper way of communicating with their friends, business partners and loved ones from all around the world.

This applications works in a much similar way to the short message service (SMS), but requires one’s handset to have internet connection.

It also offers an opportunity for more than two people to chat at a same time. A pool of people brought together in this kind of a forum is referred to as a WhatsApp Group.

Here are some of the wackiest Whatsapp Groups in Nairobi:

1. Maddie uncensored – This group brings together residents of Madaraka estate in Nairobi. They are known to discuss issues affecting their neighbourhood and other randy escapades – including sharing nude photos.

2. Alcoblow watch – This group was formed by the drinking society in Nairobi. Its aim is to tip each other of the Alcoblow points by traffic police on major city roads at night.

3. Ingwe Fans 1k initiative – This group consists of diehard AFC Leopards fans, each of whom has agreed to donate Sh 1,000 towards the playing staff and technical bench every month.

4. Dreams come true – This is an interesting WhatsApp group seen by Nairobi News that was created by a “man of God”, who urges all those he adds to contribute atleast Sh 10,000 towards his project of buying a car that will help him serve his “flock”.

5. Free sex Uni – This group composes several students of Nairobi Universities who reportedly offer each other free “strangers sex”.

Do you know of any other wacky WhatsApp Group? Feel free to add it to this list…