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Snappy 7: Victoria Rubadiri

By HILARY KIMUYU September 26th, 2015 2 min read

You see her every weekend smiling and informing you what is happening around the globe. NTV presenter Victoria Rubadiri’s calmness on set is well complimented with her distinctive English twang and – of course her gorgeous looks.

Unknown to many viewers though, Victoria would have been a teacher if she hadn’t taken up journalism for a career. The host of Victoria’s Lounge (on NTV) opened up to Nairobi News about her life off the TV screen.

1. Fashion: I like to wear anything that is comfortable, classic and not on the trend. Right now I’m into African fashion because of my show. Since I’m trying to promote local talent, my wardrobe on the show is done by Wambui Kamuyu.

2. Swahili: I don’t speak Swahili as much as I would have wanted to. But I understand a few words here and there. I was born in Kenya but my family moved to the US when I was 10 years old. When my family returned to Kenya after many years, I felt like a foreigner and didn’t understand the Kenyan way of living. It was a huge culture shock for me. Luckily I had people who helped me cope up.

NTV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri

3. Church:  I try my best to go to church as much as I can, but because of the nature of my work sometimes am unable to. I love teaching in the Sunday school whenever I’m in church.

4. Career Change: I got my first job in Kenya at Capital FM before joining NTV as a news anchor and reporter. If I wasn’t a journalist, I would have been a teacher, because am passionate about mentoring the youth. I know its exhausting but I wouldn’t mind doing it.

NTV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri teaching children in Sunday School.
NTV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri teaching children in Sunday School.

5. Zumba, yoga or the gym: I have no time for work-out, but I try to use the staircase everyday. That is what comes close to exercise for me.

6. Going Out: The only time I go out is when I’m on leave. I don’t go clubbing but I enjoy going out for dinner or taking my daughter to the movies whenever I can. Am also a very good cook. Ask anyone in the NTV newsroom!

7. Dating: No comments…