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Waititu gets reformed alcoholics staggering with millions

By Thomas Matiko February 27th, 2019 1 min read

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has rewarded reformed alcoholics with millions through his ‘Kaa sober‘ campaign.

The governor spoilt 5,000 reformed alcoholics with Sh100 million at his ‘Kaa sober’ campaign this week.

Each person was rewarded with a token of Sh20, 000 to start an income generating project.

Speaking at the ceremony in Ndumberi, Governor Waititu said the campaign has yielded major results in transforming youth in the county.

He added that the number of the alcoholics has drastically reduced.

“To me, hii programme imefaulu over 90% kwa sababu siku hizi ukienda kwa kila town wewe hutaona walevi,” said Waititu

Under the campaign, alcoholics are rehabilitated and taught technical courses to empower them. Others draw a daily wage of Sh400 from manual jobs.