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Waluke’s wife: I’ve been abused and mocked by unsympathetic callers

The wife of jailed Sirisia Member of Parliament John Waluke says she regrets starting an initiative through her mobile number to raise bail cash for her husband.

Mrs Roseline Nakhanu Waluke says she has been subjected to mockery by members of the public who keep calling her number.


Mrs Waluke told Nairobi News that some callers have been persistently hurling all manner of abuses at her, while others have only been curious to know how much many she has raised so far.

“I’m stressed and I regret starting this fundraiser to bail out my husband. People have been mocking me and hurling abuses at me instead of helping me. I wouldn’t have done it had I known things would turn out this way. I have left everything to God,” she said.

“Some are calling and telling me that they can’t contribute money for a thief,” she added.

However, she said she will not stop the process because some kind souls have been sending money.


“The contributions will just continue although like today nobody has sent me even Sh10. I have left the fight to God but what hurts me most are the abuses and mockery. God knows it all,” she said without revealing the amount she has collected so far.

On June 25, 2020, Waluke was jailed for 67 years by the anti-corruption court in Nairobi after he was found guilty of failing to supply grains to the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) despite receiving the money in a multi-million shillings fraud case.

The MP was alternatively fined  Sh727 million.

Two days later, his wife appealed to the public for financial assistance to raise the hefty fine.

She went as far as making public her cellphone number through which well-wishers could make their contributions.

Waluke and his co-accused, Grace Wakhungu, remain in prison following their sentencing but their legal teams have already appealed the sentence.