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Wannabe news anchor warms hearts on Facebook – VIDEO

A video of a communication graduate-in-waiting trying her hand on news anchoring has gone viral on Facebook with many complimenting her prowess.

Joanne Mali Kuttuny, 23, uploaded her 48 seconds clip on Sunday showing her anchoring a mock news bulletin complete with an introduction and a sign out.

By Monday morning, the video had been shared over 400 times with comments from users appreciating her talent.

Nairobi News contacted Ms Kuttuny who said she was motivated by her dream to become a news anchor.

“Its something I have always had passion for and I uploaded the video for my friends to try and reach out to media houses,” said Ms Kuttuny.

The mother of one said she had approached two media houses and later decided to showcase her talent on social media.


“Mr Linus Kaikai of NTV believed in me and allowed me to have several screen tests and I’m thankful for that opportunity. I also auditioned for KTN’s The Presenter Show but my name was removed from the final list of shortlisted candidates for reasons that were not disclosed to me,” she said.

Ms Kuttuny is set to graduate with a Diploma in Public Relations and Communication from Moi University September 22.

“I was to graduate in 2014 but I had personal issues that have delayed my graduation but in September I am set to graduate after which I intend to enroll for a degree in PR and Communication,” she added.

Since her completion of studies in 2014, Ms Kuttuny has been working for Postal Corporation of Kenya where she started at the counter before moving to the call centre where she currently works.

Ms Kuttuny was born in Kitale where she partly grew up as well as in Nairobi before joining Moi University.

Her choice to pursue a Diploma in PR and Communications she was informed by the need to have a broader line of training in media as opposed to restricting herself to broadcast media which harbours her dream job of becoming a news presenter.