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Want to have glowing hair? Mind what you eat

Your hair is your crowning glory. Take good care of it  and you will become everyone’s envy.

Maintaining good hair need not be costly. For instance, you don’t always need expensive treatments or regular visits to a salon to manage it, there’s so much you can do by yourself.

According to nutritionist and skin expert Raffat Mohammed, better-looking hair starts with your diet.

“A balanced diet will do more to make your hair shine than any shampoo or conditioner. Since hair is 25 per cent water, don’t let it go thirsty. It is advisable to drink eight to ten glasses of water a day,” she said.

Care tips

Always dry your hair using an absorbent towel, but don’t rub it hard. If possible, don’t use blow-dryers, flat irons, curling irons or hot rollers as is the norm at most salons.

Artificial heating, said Raffat, will leave your hair brittle and damaged with time. Be natural whenever you can.

“Many people do not have the patience to just sit while they wait for their hair to dry. When hair is wet, it becomes weak and can easily be damaged by excessive heat,” said the expert.

Only comb wet hair with a wide-tooth comb. Start with the ends as you move towards the root, but avoiding touching the root.

Detangling wet hair with a hard steel comb can damage it. Consider trimming split ends as this not only ensures even growth but stimulates the hair cells to grow, too.

Hair loss can be slowed down or even reversed by applying a few simple tips, though they probably won’t cure an underlying condition:

• Blend bananas with honey, yoghurt and low-fat milk, and drink the mixture daily.

• Supplements such as Vitamin B6, zinc and saw palmetto will help too.

• Eliminating stress and getting plenty of sleep may work just as well.