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WATCH: YouTube’s most watched video

The popular children’s song Baby Shark has created history not just by being the most-watched video on YouTube, but also by becoming the first video to hit 10 billion views.

The catchy Baby Shark video became an overnight sensation after it was produced and uploaded on the platform in 2016 by South Korean educational entertainment company Pinkfong.

Baby Shark producer company Pinkfong announced the achievement through a tweet on its official Twitter account.

The tweet said, “Today we mark history with our special milestone! ‘Baby Shark Dance’ became the first video in history to hit 10 billion views on YouTube!”

Since 2019, it’s been turned into a Nickelodeon TV show, a cereal, a live show and it even made the Billboard Top 40 at one point.

The one-minute and twenty-one-second song with flashy visuals caught the attention of toddlers around the world and became a thorn in the side of parents and children.

YouTube’s most-watched video depicts two real children demonstrating the “Baby Shark Dance” while the titular animated shark and his family including a mustachioed “Grandpa Shark” swim serenely and later attempt to hunt the kids.

They fail, though, and the kids celebrate their safety while the sharks watch from afar, forks in fin.

The song is followed by popular Latin pop song, Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee which has around 7.7 billion views, making the difference a whopping 3.3 billion views!

At third position is Johnny Johnny Yes Papa by LooLoo kids at 6.1 billion views. At fourth position is Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You at 5.5 billion views and the fifth slot is claimed by See you Again by Wiz Khalifa at 5.3 billion views.