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Wema Sepetu now gives her ‘blessings’ to Diamond to marry Hamisa

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has hinted that her ex-boyfriend Diamond Platnumz could be planning to marry his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto,

As such, Wema has given the two lovebirds her ‘blessings’ to go ahead with their plans.

Wema’s claims come in the backdrop of remarks attributed to Diamond, who promised his fans in February that he won’t let the year end before he settles down.

Diamond’s sentiments came shortly after he parted ways with his long-term partner Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan on Valentines Day.

At the time, Diamond also apologized to his mother for the shame he had brought to her over the years occasioned by his tumultuous love life. He made a promise to his mother to make things right.

Since making the announcement, Diamond has rekindled the old flame with his two former lovers, Wema and Hamisa, with whom they had baby behind Zari’s back.


However, on several occasions, Wema, who was also accused of causing Diamond’s break up with Zari, has come out to state that his closeness to the Bongo flava heartthrob is purely business related.

In the same breathe, she now appears to be encouraging Hamisa to give it a try since she is the only other woman who has been spending quality time with Diamond lately, as evident from her constant posts on social media.

“Siku zote nimekuwa nikijitahidi sana kusema kuwa Mobeto ni mdogo wangu sana tu na ninampenda na kumheshimu. Hivyo uhusiano wake na Diamond ninauona mzuri tu kwani tayari wameshakuwa mtu na mzazi mwenzake hivyo hata wakioana, mimi nitafurahi kwa sababu wanapendana na couple yao inafurahisha sana kwa kweli,” Wema said.

Wema is among the few people hired by Diamond to work at his Wasafi TV/Radio and she has insisted that it is the only reason they seem close, thus giving people the impression that they could be back together.

She has also been quoted saying, she doesn’t believe Diamond can ever change his ways and that she can never think of marrying him.