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Westgate suspect denies terror charges

A man facing charges in connection to Westgate mall terror attack has denied any involvement in the act that left 67 people dead.

Mr Adan Abdikadir Adan, who is among four people facing a charge of commission of a terrorist act, said he had nothing to do with the murderous attack on the mall.

“Am a practicing Muslim who believes in the sanctity of human life,” said Mr Adan in his affidavit filed in court responding to the one by the prosecution opposing their release on bail.

The accused says he is Kenyan by birth,  born in Bulla Jamhuria, Mandera central, and that he is a trained Madrassa teacher.

Mr Adan said the attack on the mall happened while he was at home and only watched it on television.

“While in police custody, I was shown by ATPU (Anti-Terrorist Police Unit) CCTV footage of very clear videos of the attack on Westgate and I do not appear in any of them,” said Mr Adan.

The accused denies knowing Mr Abdikadir Hared Mohamed alias Mohamed Hussein whom he is charged of harbouring at his Madrasa on or before October 7 this year.

Mr Adan said the charges against him are trumped up, fabricated and a part of a wider scheme by ATPU to harass his family, to dispute his Kenyan citizenship and to wreck his madrassa.

He further argues that the prosecution has not demonstrated any compelling reasons why he should not be granted his constitutional right to bail.

Mr Adan, Mohamed Abdi,Liban Abdullah and Hussein Hassan allegedly on September 21 this year jointly with others not before court carried out a terrorist attack at Westgate Shopping mall.

Nairobi chief magistrate Kiarie Waweru directed defence lawyers to file their affidavits by Friday this week and the prosecution to file its response by Tuesday next week.

The case will be heard on November 28