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Why Akothee is considering retirement

Kenyan singer cum entrepreneur Esther Akoth alias Akothee has shared her retirement plans.

The outspoken Akothee argues she needs to slow down so as to find time to be with her children.

The singer who is on a trip to honeymoon after her recent publiscised wedding, stopped over at her baby daddy’s place to visit her two sons.

Akothee shared the difficulties of being far away from her children and even spending a few hours with them triggering her to consider retiring.

Having spent some days with them, the Kula Ngoma na Mama Oyoo hitmaker still feels the time was not yet sufficient.

“I miss my kids too much. I might have to retire sand just be with them,” she said.

A few days ago, she shared how it took a toll on her having to leave her boys to see where her daughter lives and experienced the same when she left her for the boys.

“I left the boys to go and see my daughter’s new apartment and where she lives. And I was crying the entire journey because the boys wanted to stay with me too. Now, I have left Ruoen back to the boys and I am crying leaving the girl alone again 😭😭 @fancy_makadia. My constant calls to my two girls in Kenya @veshashaillan and makes me look like an idle-desperate woman who ran to settle in Europe for greener pastures, only to hit a hard rock. 🙏”

In the midst of her emotional turmoil, Akothee also noted that co-parenting is still a nut to crack. “My train was scheduled for 10.00 am and alerted baby daddy to pick me up at 1.00 pm, I wanted to stay a little bit more with my daughter @fancy_makadia so we canceled the 10 train And settled for the 4.00 pm, again forgot to alert baby daddy of the changes. The poor guy is at the train station waiting for baby mama to come out, 👺 before I know it, he is calling and shouting, ‘You are not on this train,’ AHHH Another mess.”

As she lives her truth, Akothee also shares that co-parenting has made her dance a number saying she has to book her kids in advance to be with them. “I have booked the kids for December 2023 for 2 weeks…and the whole of next summer 2024. There is the other baby daddy mixing the situation, so I must book early. It’s called LIFE.”

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