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Why DJ Brownskin has been detained for a further week

Michael Macharia, popularly referred to in entertainment circles as DJ Brownskin, and who is accused of aiding his wife to commit suicide, will remain in prison pending a report by the probation department on whether he should be granted temporary freedom.

On June 15, 2023, Milimani chief magistrate Lucas Onyina ordered the disc jockey to be remanded for a further week.

“You will remain in custody until the probation department advises this court whether you are a suitable bail candidate or not,” ruled Onyina.

Earlier, a probation officer told the court he was still working on the probation report.

The officer sought the courts indulgence to enable him compile the pre-bail report.

Duncan Okatch, the defence lawyer, did not oppose the ruling.

In a related development, the court declined to summon the Kasarani Directorate of Criminal Investigation Officer (DCIO) for allegedly defying a court order to free the DJ on bond.

The orders were issued at Makadara law courts.

“This court cannot interfere with orders issued by a different court of equal jurisdiction. If DJ Brownskin is aggrieved by the action of the DCIO then he should move the court which issued the alleged breached order,” ruled Onyina.

DJ Brownskin alleged that police were forcing him to confess and admit the offences as pre-condition for his release.

Okatch also claimed the DCIO Kasarani had declined to free the DJ after being admitted to a cash bail of Sh50,000.

The court had granted Sh50,000 cash bail but the police did not release him.

Instead of freeing the DJ, Onyina heard the DCIO Kasarani in utter contempt of court brought the accused in Milimani law courts.

Brownskin has denied three counts of aiding his wife to commit suicide, failing to use reasonable means to stop commission of suicide and destroying a sim card containing a recording of his wife taking poison leading to her death.

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