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Why Kenyans are so afraid of going for free Covid-19 testing

Majority of Kenyans are shunning the free government Covid-19 testing that was rolled out on Friday in major hot spots in the country.

The low turnout has forced the government to appeal to its citizens to willingly come forward to be tested to help flatten infections and minimize the risk of transmission.

Rashid Aman, Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Health said that in spite of acquiring testing capacity to undertake mass testing, there is low turnout at testing centers.

“The outcome of the targeted testing exercise has shown a very low turnout. In the last two days, we have tested 803 against a target of 2000 in Kawangware and 494 in Eastleigh against a target of 3000. We are appealing to Kenyans to willingly come forward to be tested,” said Aman.


After the governments appeal, some members of the public have revealed why they fear going for the free testing.

Their main worry is being quarantined at their own cost. And being put on quarantine is a luxury few of them can afford.

The government has since the first case was reported in March insisted that anyone who tests positive of Covid-19 will be quarantined at their own cost.

Here are some views by Kenyans on why they are not ready to volunteer to be tested.