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Why Khalif Kairo was disqualified from Pulse Influencer Awards

By Freya Wanjiku September 18th, 2023 2 min read

Khalif Kairo, born Joseph Kairo Wambui, has been disqualified from the Pulse Influencer Awards 2023, Business Category for his misconduct.

In an email that he shared on the X platform, the Pulse Influencer Awards committee explained he had violated the stringent guidelines concerning vote buying.

“Regrettably, your actions directly contravene the principles and regulations of the awards, posing a significant threat to the fairness of the competition and potentially undermining the awards’ integrity,” Pulse said.

“Consequently, we must inform you that you have been disqualified from the Business category, in which you were previously nominated, with immediate effect. All votes you had previously accumulated during the voting stage will now be considered null and void,” it added.

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A day prior to disqualifying Kairo, Pulse shared that they were aware of the fraudulent nominees who had been paying voters saying they had become more brazen in their approach.

Distancing themselves from their activities, Pulse said that, ‘they had no affiliation or connection with the voter sellers and their actions were a stark contrast to the values and integrity with which they hold.’

Further, they promised to disqualify nominees found conspiring with the fraudsters in order to manipulate the voting results on any of the Pulse Influencer Awards pages in the participating countries.

In his tweets, Kairo had been rallying his fans to vote for him, and in return, he would pay them up saying it was ‘cabbage’ money. He wrote, “Juu ya hiyo story ebu tufikishe kura 50,000 naeza kasirika nitoe za kabej tena.”

He beefed up the tweet with, “Ebu tufikishe izi kura 50,000 ntapanga kagive away ka haraka. Lets attack. (Let’s get the votes to 50,000, I can arrange for a faster giveaway).”

His comment section would then be filled by people sharing screenshots of their votes and their phone numbers.

He would also justify his actions by saying that it was a competition and he was just leveraging on his supporters and using capital to win the competition.

“If the competition was about transparency, I have sold over 500 cars past few years and I have a better reputation,” he wrote in response.