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Why Senator Ledama Olekina doesnt comb his hair

Narok County Senator Ledama Ole Kina revealed in a recent radio interview that he only bothers to comb his hair when he is feeling down.

During the discussion, Ledama explained that on the day of the interview, he was feeling particularly upset, which prompted him to take the time to brush his hair.

“I decided to comb my hair today. It’s a reflection of how I feel deep inside. Today I’m feeling quite melancholic. I’m exhausted by the current state of affairs in Kenya, especially the ongoing floods. These problems are the result of flawed policies, with wealthy individuals grabbing land and building in flood-prone areas,” he said.

He expressed his preference for unkempt hair, saying it gives him energy.

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The vocal lawmaker is known for his unique appearance, including the traditional Masai dress he sometimes wears. His hair has remained long and well-groomed, but rather shaggy.

Long hair isn’t exclusive to Ledama; other public figures have also adopted the style.

Recently, Mumias East MP Peter Salasya had a light-hearted exchange with President Ruto that amused the crowd.

During the encounter, President Ruto jokingly remarked, “Why didn’t you braid your hair?” referring to Salasya’s distinctive hairstyle.

The outspoken MP responded, “If you say so, I’ll braid it,” drawing laughter from the entire group.

Salasya, a youthful first-time MP, is known for his unique and often unkempt hairstyle.

Comedian Chipukeezy is another public figure known for maintaining his unkempt hairstyle, even while serving as the official MC at State House.

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