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Why some view wedding vows as deceptive

For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, in poverty and riches are the vows that every couple eagerly anticipates.

The wedding day is often meticulously planned, involving a significant investment of both time and money to make this special occasion memorable.

However, it seems that many couples may be uttering these vows without genuine commitment, given the rising divorce rates.

It appears as though some individuals anticipate the possibility of a breakup even before they enter into marriage.

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What was once a display of affection in power couple photos can quickly transform into nightmarish public spats, as couples air their grievances on social media, exposing their partners to prying eyes hungry for gossip

Do couples truly understand the weight of these vows, or are they more interested in the excitement that accompanies a lavish wedding, complete with numerous guests and the praise garnered from meticulously curated social media posts?

Kenyan society is bombarded with news of power couples breaking up, causing a surge of emotions, especially among young people aspiring to enter the institution of marriage.

The culture of autonomy has rapidly permeated our community, leaving many individuals unaccountable to anyone, not even the clergy who officiated their unions.

Some claim they desire a church wedding with a grand reception, while others take out substantial loans to finance their weddings.

However, only a few are willing to abide by the principles they vowed to uphold.

Many couples exhibit intolerance and a reluctance to work on their marriages and personal shortcomings.

When faced with difficulties, they may choose to retreat from the entire process. While they were initially willing to involve friends and family in their journey, when it comes to separation, they opt for an independent decision without consulting the important people in their lives.

People are willing to throw away everything and sever ties with friends and family.

According to statistics from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, household and family dynamics, based on the 2019 census, indicate that 5.5 percent of Kenya’s 12 million households were headed by individuals who had either divorced or separated from their partners.

The increasing number of single mothers further exacerbates this issue.