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Widows and Orphans association condemn Azimio protests

The widow and orphans association has condemned the Azimio demonstrations across the country on Monday.

Dr Dianah Kamande, the founder of Cometogether Widows and Orphans Organization (CTWOO) has said the consequences of the protests will mostly be felt by women and children.

As businesses in the hotspot regions remain closed for the better part of the day, the organization’s CEO has reiterated her concern over the demonstrations urging opposition leaders to table their grievances using legal channels.

“I strongly condemn the protests. Female heads of households widows and single mothers who hustle and live from hand to mouth today didn’t have anywhere to go work,” the humanitarian told Nairobi News, in an interview.

Unlike the families with both parents, the human rights activist said the vulnerable section of society may probably go without food as the high cost of living soars.

“Their children today may go to bed hungry,” said the philanthropist.

Most learning institutions in regions affected by the ongoing Azimio demonstrations remained closed.

Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, and Kitale, are among the parts of the country where the protests were in top gear.

Protesters engaged security officers in running battles, with the police forced to use teargas canisters to scatter Azimio supporters.

“Our economy is hurt and the demonstration has not put food on our tables. Children matter and their education was halted today, a few months after Covid-19 pandemic that put our sons and daughters at home for almost a year,” Dianah complained.

On Monday afternoon, Azimio leader Raila Odinga joined his supporters in various estates of Nairobi to picket.

“Let’s ensure we use the right channels to air our issues as leaders…I feel the bigger elephant in the room is about taxes and business opportunities,” the activist said, calling on the opposition leader to lobby his lawmakers to articulate Azimio grievances through national and senate assemblies.

Addressing his supporters along Juja Road in Nairobi, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader accused the head of state, Dr William Ruto for what he termed as instructing police officers to stir Azimio peaceful demonstrations.

The former Prime Minister, however, insisted that his cause aimed at pushing the government to address the high cost of living.

“We are going to sue Ruto at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for instructing police to lobby canisters at us,” Raila said.

During the demonstrations in various streets of Nairobi CBD, some Azimio protesters were arrested, including four opposition legislators.

Mr Raila has announced that the procession will be a weekly exercise, until the coalition’s demands are fulfilled.

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