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Wilbroda’s tribute to Papa Shirandula

It’s already one week since the popular TV star Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula passed away.

Papa Shirandula’s on-screen ‘wife’ Wilbroda – real name Jacquey Nyaminde – has penned an emotional tribute, remembering their lasts days together.


“Today I pay tribute to my late friend, my on-screen partner, my mentor, my neighbour, my son’s uncle. A week ago on a day like this, at a time like this, I received a call that will stay on my mind for a long time to come. I stood at the supermarket dumbstruck, unable to move. My heart sank. I went to my car and cried out loud ‘Papa what have you done! What have you done!’” Wilbroda wrote.

Wilbroda further revealed the future plans they both had.

“We had such big plans for the future of entertainment. We had even started shooting our production just 2 weeks before. And what an amazing time we had on set! You were so happy, excited, optimistic…’’ she said.

According to Wilbroda, the past three months brought them closer to each other.


“These past 3 months we grew so close. We sat together, created together, ate together, laughed together. Nothing could have possibly prepared me for your death. We were sure we had lots of days, years together,” she wrote.

Wilbroda also recalled meeting Papa on Wednesday only to hear that he was no more on Saturday.

“I have never felt so deceived, so cheated. You bailed out just like that… I saw you on Wednesday and we spoke. My son saw you on Friday evening and you spoke. And on Saturday morning you were gone. I’ve been hit before but this hit me hard. Thank you Paps for seeing in me that which I hadn’t seen in myself and for giving me a chance…Safiri salama,” she wrote.

She ended her tribute with a quote from Chuck Palahniuk, “We all die. The goal is not to live forever. The goal is to create something that will.”