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Willis Raburu, ex-wife Marya Prude’s emotional message on late daughter’s birthday

Media personality Willis Raburu and his ex-wife Marya Prude marked the birthday of their late daughter, Adana, who passed away in December 2020.

Adana’s birth was marred by complications, resulting in a stillbirth that deeply impacted the ex-couple.

In a poignant tribute to Adana on her birthday, Marya Prude shared a throwback pregnancy video of herself engaging in a workout.

The video symbolized the strength and love that Adana brought into their lives, even during challenging times.

“This week is Adana’s Birthday, and I’m usually super emotional during this time, but today as I was looking for my pregnancy pictures, I came across this video and my heart has just been overwhelmed since with so much love and joy,” Marya shared on social media.

She recalled a touching routine during her workouts, where she would dedicate an extra rep to Adana.

Despite the pain of losing her, Marya expressed gratitude for the strength and inspiration Adana continues to provide.

“Today I’m grateful for Adana,” Marya added.

Since 2021, Willis Raburu and Marya Prude have consistently honored Adana’s memory, with Raburu emphasizing that he considers himself a father of three, including his late daughter.

Raburu made it clear that Adana’s passing does not diminish his role as her father.

Raburu and Marya Prude faced a challenging period in their relationship, leading to their separation shortly after Adana’s tragic death in January 2020.

The couple parted ways, with Marya relocating from their marital home.

Raburu has since moved and is a father to two other children.

In a past post on social media, Raburu said life had become hard since her demise.

“My beautiful daughter, some days are easy some days are so hard. Today I woke up trying to imagine what it would be like to watch you sleep, (that’s the only image I have of you) what it be like you hold warm fingers, and what a sleepless night would feel like.

What it would be like to go to work tired Koz you kept me up at night, who you would look like now? what color of your skin? if you would drink as much milk as I did when I was your age. My daughter, you are an angel now, or so they tell me and when I look up to the sky sometimes I cry, sometimes I…I laugh, I want you to make so much noise in heaven, or in the multi-verse you are in,” he said in a past post.

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