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WATCH: Ugandan gospel star Ambasada makes comeback with seductive collabo

Renowned Ugandan gospel artist, Ambasada, has made a surprising return to the music scene with a provocative track featuring gengetone stars. Titled “AAAHHH,” the song takes a departure from Ambasada’s usual inspirational repertoire, delving into the realm of foreplay and seduction.

Collaborating with gengetone sensations FatherMoh, Diamond Oscar, and Black Machandizi, Ambasada’s latest single promises to be a bold and unconventional addition to his discography.

Produced by Kaskeed for Main Switch and Black Market, “AAAHHH” signals a departure from Ambasada’s earlier work, particularly his massively inspirational single “Watoto Inkane,” which passionately advocates for children’s rights.

The music video for “Watoto Inkane,” featuring children from Nairobi’s Nyumbani home, has become a favorite on African TV broadcasts.

Ambasada’s prominence in the African music scene is undeniable, marked by the success of one of East Africa’s best-selling albums. His impressive track record includes an astounding 13 nominations across the continent, with recognition from prestigious awards such as Kisima Awards, PAM Awards, and BBC One.

Ambasada made history as the first Ugandan artist to win in the Best East African Video category at the Kisima Awards.


Beyond his musical achievements, Ambasada has played a pivotal role in various charitable initiatives and social causes.

He collaborated with former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, the First Lady, and the Kenyan cabinet to headline the Action Aid “Get On Board” AIDS eradication campaign.

Additionally, Oxfam Kenya called upon him to lead the G8 poverty eradication campaign in Africa.

Through his NGO, Inkanetwork for Children and Women in Kenya, Ambasada has spearheaded numerous charity initiatives and partnered with NACADA on drug awareness campaigns.

His commitment to philanthropy and advocacy for children’s rights culminated in his appointment as a UN Ambassador. Furthermore, his iconic song, “Watoto Inkane,” has been adopted as the theme song for World Children’s Day.

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