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‘Wine and Sex’ event in Nairobi sold out within hours

By CHAD KITUNDU October 12th, 2018 1 min read

An event where grown ups talk about sex while quaffing nice wines was sold out within hours on Thursday despite its pricey tickets.

The ” Wine and Sex” event has been organized by a writer who goes by the name Miss Nerima.

The location of the venue is undisclosed; organisers will only give the address to interested parties after they have paid a Sh3, 000 reservation fee.

A quick  disclaimer though; this is not a sex orgy but a a discussion about sex.

The topic of discussion will be ‘What is the significance of size during sex?‘.


This will be the second of the ‘Miss Nerima Special‘ series. It sold out within 16 hours.

The host, Miss Nerima, describes herself as a dominatrix, a woman who takes the dominant role in erotic activities.

She also describes herself as unapologetic Khaleesi, taking up the name of a character in the TV series Game of Thrones.

On Twitter, she says that “this time round I have some interesting, herbal remedies for dryness in women and to strengthen erectile function.”

She explained that the secrecy on the location of venue is for the purpose of protecting the privacy of attendants.

“This being an intimate conversation, it requires an intimate setting where everyone feels safe and their discretion is guaranteed.

“My aim is to get my guests to be content and relaxed in order to open up and participate,” she explained.