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Woman nearly chops off husband’s genitals

Residents of a village in Lari Sub-County, Kiambu County, are in shock after a woman allegedly attempted to chop her husband’s genitals following a domestic quarrel.

Mr Andrew Kamau, 49, from Githirioni village was Monday recuperating at Kijabe Mission Hospital, following the Sunday evening attack, allegedly by his wife using a machete.

The man sustained serious injuries in the genitalia.

Mr Kamau said he received a call from a woman who lives in the village notifying him that she had his wife’s mobile phone after it was picked up by some children on the road.

The caller is known to Mr Kamau’s family.

He said the caller knew the phone belonged to his wife and, therefore, wanted to inform him about its recovery so that the couple could collect it from her house.


However, after the call, Mr Kamau’s wife, who was next to him, confronted him and accused him of backbiting her with another woman on the phone.

The casual labourer said he tried to explain to his wife what the conversation was all about but his efforts were in vain, leading to a physical fight.

“A fight ensued and I overpowered her,” said Mr Kamau. “I stopped beating her and warned her against making such baseless accusations.

“I also used the opportunity to explain again to her what we were discussing on the phone.”

Mr Kamau said as his conversation with his wife, who was on the ground, continued, his son took a panga and hit him on the back of his head, making him unconscious.

Before Mr Kamau could regain consciousness, his wife allegedly took the panga from their son and cut his private parts before fleeing.


“When I regained consciousness, I was in a lot of pain,” said Mr Kamau. “I noticed that I was bleeding from my head and private parts.”

Mr Kamau added that when he looked around, he spotted his wife and son running away. He raised the alarm, attracting the attention of neighbours, who pursued the wife before they took him to the nearby Presbyterian Church of East Africa Uplands Clinic. He was transferred to Kijabe.

Some residents then frogmarched the woman to Uplands Police Station, where she is being held.

The acting police boss for the area, Mr Stanley Mutungi, said investigations were under way and that the suspect will be taken to court.

Doctors said Mr Kamau was out of danger and that he would heal and function normally after treatment.