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Woman stands up to rogue, armed cop who slapped taxi driver – VIDEO

A woman’s courageous act of probing armed police officers, after one of them had assaulted a taxi driver, has been hailed online.

The woman, identified as Sarah Mwangi, saved the day as a taxi driver was being assaulted by a male police officer as his female colleague watched.

Both officers were armed with rifles during the incident.

The taxi driver had reportedly used the wrong gate to access a premise.

Sarah was caught on tape putting both police officers to task for the assault on the taxi driver. The incident was filmed by a bystander and posted on social media by activist Boniface Mwangi.

Sarah started her probe on the female officer, but she walks away and leaves Sarah to deal with her male colleague. The male officer at first seemingly ignored Sarah’s questions on why he had assaulted the taxi driver.

Sarah keeps pounding him with questions until the officer at some point scrolls through his phone and makes a call.

“He just used the wrong gate, you have threatened to shoot him. You cannot do that sir,” Sarah tells the male officer.

On Twitter, many Kenyans applauded Sarah for standing up to the police officers

@HaroldKilinda commented; “Such a strong woman! Proud of her. A true patriot.”

@Fuadnana13 added; “The law cuts back and forth.A rogue police officer deserves to be jailed like any other citizen. There is Constitution, let’s not preach water and drink wine.Nugu @IPOA_KE”

@muesh82sadart wrote; “Our police force has always been a disgrace, until the day they will stop recruiting men n women of the force by counting their teeth that’s the only time we will have men and women who treat it’s citizen as per the law.”

@Evans_Itukot stated; “She is a true hero. This culture of police thinking they have the right to do anything in this country in total disregard of our constitution must stop.”

@kiflexx commented; “It is only in Kenya where police manhandle citizens and the inspector of police will do nothing about. @IPOA_KE should act on this immediately… @JBoinnet #KenyaChat.”

@c_wairima added; “If a policeman can act like this in full public glare, I would dread to think of what they do to people in private.”