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Women MCAs to sue Nyeri governor over sexual harassment

Nyeri women MCAs, who were beaten and harassed by goons at Kabaru grounds in Kieni-East, have now threatened to sue Governor Nderitu Gachagua over sexual harassment by his supporters.

The ward reps said the youth not only battered them, but grabbed their breasts and behinds before forcing them to leave the venue.

Led by nominated MCA the Nyeri County TNA coordinator, Regina Macharia, MCAs accused Mr Gachagua of hiring goons to evict them from the meeting which they were part of.

“For a long time we have been used as doormats but now we have realised the Governor doesn’t need us anymore. We are going to take legal action against anyone who sexually abused and humiliated us,” said Ms Macharia.

The vice chair of the budget committee, Elizabeth Wangui, and a nominated MCA who was among those who were harassed and forcefully evicted from the venue, however said this year they will not pass any funds that are not relevant to the common mwananchi.


“Personally I will not take any legal action although I was sexually harassed but I will not support the Governor in his rogue way of doing things,” she noted.

Ms Salma Uledi, the MCA in charge of youth, called on leaders to stop manipulating the youth for violence politics saying the incident dented Nyeri County’s name.

The MCAs who held a joint press briefing with Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (Kewopa) in Nyeri asked Inspector of Police, Joseph Boinett to take disciplinary action against police who had been deployed at the scene.

“We were sexually harassed as police watched from a distance. Only a few pretended to be protecting us. We must take legal action against all those who were responsible,” said Ms Wangui.

The MCAs told Nairobi News that Mr Gachagua had called them for a reconciliation meeting on Tuesday morning at his home in Ring-Road estate but they declined.

“We know he is trying to amend things with us but this time we are not going to be that easy on him,” said Ms Macharia.