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Yet another family links under fire hospital to death of pregnant kin

April 29th, 2019 1 min read

A second family has emerged to accuse staff at St Theresa Hospital, Kiambu, of negligence after their kin died at the facility during child birth.

The complaint comes less than a week after police arrested two hospital staff over a botched Caesarean section at the hospital thet led to the death of Helen Wanjiru.

The family of 22 year-old Sharon Nyambura claims she died on June 2018 after being rushed to the hospital to give birth.

Her mother claims Sharon arrived at hospital in good health for admission to the maternity ward. She tried to reach her daughter the following morning but all in vain as her mobile phone went unanswered.

The family was told that their kin started bleeding and fainted as staff were looking for the doctors to attend to her. Later they were informed that mother and child did not make it.

Her mother added that it took them five months to obtain Sharon’s death certificate after being taken in circles by the hospital.

The two families now want police to intervene. The hospital is yet to issue a statement on the deaths.