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You can now return and replace that worn out currency note

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has advised citizens to return and replace defaced currency notes that they have in their possession.

The bank said that mutilated currency notes take various forms for example burnt or those damaged by chemicals.

Apart from notes, coins which have inner part with outer bordering rings can also be replaced.

“The Bank is not obliged to exchange any damaged currency. Any banknotes and coins presented for exchange will be carefully examined by the bank. The bank may seek to know from the presenter of the damaged currency as to how the notes and coins were damaged,” a statement posted on CBK’s official website read in part.

CBK’s announcement comes after an image of a worn out Sh50 note started doing rounds on social media.

However, CBK noted that the damaged or mutilated currency should not be deliberately mutilated, must be genuine, should be more than half the actual size and continuous and should also bear at least one complete serial number.