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You flirt, I leave! – Kamene Goro warns bae

Kiss FM radio presenter Kamene Goro has revealed her deal breakers in a relationship.

In a recent question and answer session with her fans on Instagram, the radio personality said that cheating is something she considers unforgivable and would leave a relationship if that boundary is crossed.

“Cheating including flirting and disrespect. Hapo it will end immediately,” she replied to a curious fan.

She also added that she cannot stand a man who shouts at her as it’s a big turnoff.

“If you shout at me, I am out.”

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The radio host is currently dating a popular disk jockey known as DJ Bonez. She opened up about her relationship praising her man as someone who makes her happy.

According to Kamene, the relationship is already two years old.

“My relationship is great. It is not really new as we are almost past two years now,” she revealed.

Responding to a question about what she loves most about her man, the bold media personality said, “He’s shown me what good love is. Trust and dedication and he’s my number one protector.”

The TV personality used to share snippets of her man with her fans, giving teaser details of the new relationship without disclosing his identity.

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In posts during her weekend getaway on July 3, Kamene confirmed to her followers that she is enjoying the relationship.

Indicating how serious the relationship is, Kamene and her bae traded ‘I love yous’ online which left her followers gushing over her newfound love.

During the Instagram interaction with her fans, Kamene also talked about the reason behind her weight loss as many of her fans were quick to notice that she has shed some weight.

Responding to a fan who asked for her advice on how to lose weight as she has, Kamene said that she hasn’t been using any products, but rather stress has been a key factor in her weight loss.

“Stress,” she responded.

Another fan asked what she uses to reduce her tummy as it’s seemingly reducing, and she said, “Nothing. Life has been very hectic! I can’t eat when under pressure.”

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