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You now risk arrest for not wearing face mask properly

Police have now been ordered to arrest Kenyans who do not wear their face masks properly.

In a circular, Head of Police Operations Henry Barmao, has ordered field officers to file daily cases of the crimes to police headquarters.


Mr Barmao has instructed officers to immediately arrest members of the public who fail to wear masks or those who wear them without  covering the mouth and nose.

The same instructions apply for those found flouting curfew and the partial lockdown.

“Similarly, mount roadblocks to ensure no movement of vehicles and persons after the commencement of 7pm curfew hours, except those exempted and listed as essential service providers. All vehicles and persons found violating the orders to be detained and charged with contravening curfew orders. Submit daily returns on the same,” Barmao said in an internal memo dated May 15.


Last month, the government said anyone found not wearing a face mask in public places during the Covid-19 outbreak, including inside private vehicles, will be arrested.

The government published the law in April which imposes a fine of Sh20,000 and a jail term of six months, or both, for anyone found not wearing a mask in public as a preventative measure against the spread of the pandemic.

The law mandates the use of masks in vehicles as well.

Users of public or private transport and public transport operators are also required to wear proper masks that cover the mouth and nose and also maintain a physical distance of not less than a meter.