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Yvette Obura praises co-parenting dynamic with ex, Bahati

Social media influencer Yvette Obura says the wife of her ex-boyfriend, former gospel singer Kevin Bahati, has made co-parenting a lot easier.

Ms Obura is the mother of Bahati’s first child, Mueni. The pair split many years ago, with Ms Obura claiming Bahati changed once he became famous.

However, despite some initial hiccups as the two worked out a co-parenting arrangement, things have only got better.

Even when Bahati went on to marry his wife, Diana Marua, Ms Obura claims that their co-parenting arrangement became even smoother.

“Co-parenting is amazing. I think the only fight we have with Bahati is that he always insists on extending Mueni’s stay with him. That’s it, otherwise, they are amazing people,” Ms Obura confessed.

Yvette came into the limelight thanks to Bahati when the singer went public with the news that he had a daughter years ago.

The revelation made headlines in showbiz as Bahati was one of the most sought-after gospel singers at the time. Bahati wasn’t married yet and controversy was something he avoided as he worked to build his brand and reputation.

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