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10 things to know about Sunjeev ‘Sonia’ Birdi

1. She is the first born in a family of four that has three girls.

2. She shares a name with powerful Indian matriarch and kingmaker, Mrs Sonia Gandhi who belongs to the legendary Gandhi/Nehru dynasty.

3. She attended Our Lady of Mercy Primary School in Nairobi South B, then proceeded to Loreto Convent, Msongari, for her secondary school education.

4. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from D.R College in India and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

5. She came back to Kenya after her studies to work at her father’s factory in Makadara.

6. Her political ambitions started after she saw what the Sinai fire victims went through in September 2012.

7. She mobilized aid from factories in Industrial Area for the Sinai fire victims who were putting up at Tom Mboya Hall along Jogoo Road .

8. She was recommended for a URP Makadara parliamentary ticket by residents but later supported TNA’s Benson Kangara, who eventually won the seat after the Jubilee coalition resolved to have a single candidate for the seat.

9. Her political agenda is angled towards the youth as demonstrated during the campaign period when she taught youths how to write a CV as opposed to camping outside industries.

10. She is the first Kenyan woman of Indian origin to be a Member of Parliament.