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10 times Governor Joho schooled you in fashion

He is probably one of the most outspoken governors in Kenya. And Ali Hassan Joho, alias Governor 001, has proven that he is not your ordinary governor.

From dancing to fancy tunes to switching between English and Swahili with ease and bringing out the best of orange shirts during ODM events, the Mombasa Governor has emerged as fashionista par excellence.

Here, we look at the 10 times Mr Joho’s fashion was on fleek.

  1. When he made this casual outfit look official

This is a denim look that is mostly worn during the weekends. However, with the navy blue jacket, it gives it that official look but not too serious. It is the type of outfit you wear to office on Friday for a meeting with London investors and still head straight to the club without feeling odd in any of the occasions.


  1. When he decided to dress down

This picture was taken during a courtesy visit to the coast general hospital. Jeans seem to be his favourite him and he shows that official business does not necessarily require a suit and tie.


  1. His sunglasses are always on fleek

If Joho carried a handbag, I’m sure one of the items you would never fail to find are sunglasses. His outfits are never complete without them, whether it’s because of the scorching sun of the coastal city, or maybe it’s his personal swag he sure does wear them well.


  1. The hats

He really does know how to accessorize with hats and caps also becoming part of his daily wardrobe. From baseball caps to ascot caps, his wardrobe must be brimming with these.


  1. Suits

Without a doubt, a good suit is one item in a man’s wardrobe that reflects his style. Every man should have at least a piece that is both stylish and fitting. Joho’s selection of suits is impeccable and has even dared to pair up a suit with a colorful jacket and still managed to look elegant. Lately, he has been spotting a Nehru and Mandarin collar suits – characterized with buttons running from the neck to the bottom of the jacket – that are all in range. The style is unique for the man that doesn’t mind standing out with at any gathering.


  1. When he made Kanzu look cool

It is common to see the governor adorned in a Thobe or commonly known as a Kanzu in Swahili, a long robe worn by muslim men. The top is usually tailored like a shirt, but it is ankle-length and loose.


  1. When he made the traditional wear look urban

During the Mombasa international cultural festival in 2015, he joined hundreds of other people on the streets of Mombasa to officially open the festival. He didn’t fail to wow everyone with his traditional attire of a Shuka strapped at the waist with a shirt.


  1. While golfing

Most golf clubs require that you wear a trouser if playing a match on the golf course. However, being the fashion trend setter, Joho is seen playing Golf in Mombasa in a casual shirt and shorts and yes with a baseball cap and golf shoes.


  1. At the gym

In case you are wondering what the gym has to do with fashion, I think you should remember that having a healthy physique compliments your general look. Joho shared a video of himself together with Mvita Member of Parliament Abdulswamad Sharriff Nassir sweating it out at the gym. This clearly shows that having the best wardrobe is not everything, you have got to have the correct physique to go with it – we hear you governor.


  1. When he made boring party outfit look stylish

Who said political party’s official attire must be boring. The national vice chairman of ODM looked neat in an orange shirt paired with an ascot hat bearing the party’s emblem and a pair of sunglasses during the recent by-elections in Malindi for Member of Parliament.