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Woman found with stolen phone in bra – VIDEO

Court has allowed Police to detain a woman found hiding a stolen phone in her underpants for four days.

She is part of three robbery suspects arrested and allegedly found with their victim’s handbag and phone after they robbed her along Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi CBD.

Jane Wanjiku Wangechi, Charles Karanja, and Kelvin Kimondo Wambui will be detained at the Kamukunji police station until Wednesday next week as police trace the robbery victim to record her statement.

Police constable Joshua Mwao attached to Kamukunji police station obtained custodial orders at Makadara law courts to hold the three pending investigations.

In an affidavit filed at the court, Mwao said a member of the public who witnessed the robbery telephoned undercover officers.

The two officers – Lazaro Lenanyakupes and Boniface Gitau rushed to the scene but found the three had left after allegedly robbing the victim who told the officers that she had lost the handbag containing her phone and money. The cops pursued the three suspects and caught up with them.

Karanja was found with the handbag.

“Upon return to the scene of the crime, the victim was not found and the suspects were escorted to Kamukunji police station. Searches were done and (Wangechi) was found having hidden a phone underneath her underpants, which she could not prove ownership,” Mwao said in the affidavit.

“The complainant has not availed herself at the station for further investigations and her whereabouts are not known and efforts to trace her are in progress.”

Mwao said he is apprehensive that the three are likely to go into hiding if they are released before being charged. Wangechi pleaded for bail and bond terms claiming her children have been alone since she was arrested on Wednesday, February 10.

One of her accomplices claimed he is a TB patient and police confiscated his drugs during the search at the police station. Principal magistrate Eunice Suter granted the orders sought by Mwao.