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30% of county employees lack formal education, report

Thirty per cent of City Hall employees cannot show proof of having attended any formal school.

That is the harsh verdict of the human resource audit released by the Transition Authority early this week.

“While 30 per cent of these employees have nil qualification, only 3.07 have first degree and above,” the audit concludes.

By ethnicity, the report says 52 per cent of staff are Gikuyu, 13.7 per cent Luhya, another 10.14 Luo and the other communities take up the remaining portion.

And with 49 per cent male and 51 per cent female employees, gender balance has been achieved in the overall workforce except for a few departments like Sports, Health and Panning.

It also says that majority of staff are aged between 45 and 54 years. This make up 42 per of workforce.

During the audit, all employees were required to report to their line managers accompanied with their academic and professional certificates. 

In total, 77.3 per cent of the staff are general or non-technical staff, meaning they can only do manual work.

The audit report reinforces findings by a separate audit commissioned by Governor Evans Kidero that had also unearthed weaknesses in the structure of the workforce.

The latest audit indicates that most county workers found their way into employment through political patronage

The staff audit was commissioned by the Transition Authority to gauge the suitability of the workers in the positions they serve.

About 11000 employees were involved in the head count which also sought to weed out ghost workers from the county government’s payroll.

There are also those who did not turn for the count, who the audit report recommends that their pay be stopped.

“The employees who are not available for the head count should have their salary stopped until proper authentication is done,” the report says.

The body headed by Mr Kinuthia Wa Mwangi recommends the sacking of those whose skills cannot match their job requirements. Deployment to other departments is another option.

“The government should redistribute staff, prepare to redeploy or release any excess staff,” it says.