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5 ways how preachers operating in matatus risk their lives

By Winnie Mabel February 20th, 2024 2 min read

In the religious world, the gospel must be spread no matter the environment. Injili lazima isonge mbele. Many evangelists preach anywhere where there is high foot traffic including at markets, bus stops or resting areas including parks.

In addition to public service vehicle bus stops, many preachers are now getting into the public service vehicles and preaching to passengers as they head to their destinations. While this may be convenient for the preachers and for religious people who missed their Saturday and Sunday services and every other church meeting during the week, preaching in moving vehicles poses a significant risk to the preachers especially.

Despite the noble intentions behind their messages, preachers who choose to deliver sermons in such settings are exposed to a myriad of dangers. Here’s 7 of them:

  1. They risk their safety. Standing and moving in a moving vehicle can be unsafe, especially if the vehicle suddenly stops or swerves as is common especially on Nairobi roads. The risk of falling and getting injured is highly likely as opposed to seating in the conductor’s seat and preaching to everyone else.
  2. Conflict and hostility. Some passengers, especially those opposed to religion and some of its teachings, may disagree with the preacher’s message and their interaction may turn into a verbal and physical confrontation. The likelihood of an upset passenger pushing such a preacher out of a moving vehicle is highly likely if the matter is not contained earlier.
  3. The preacher could also contract highly contagious illnesses from passengers if they are not wearing personal protective equipment. Additionally, the strain of preaching in a moving vehicle can lead them to endure fatigue and muscle strain which can mess up their health.
  4. Legal issues. Kenya has noise laws and public preaching are among some of the noise complaints reported to relevant authorities. A preacher in a moving vehicle also faces legal issues if they end up preaching in vehicles that banned public preaching and and the consequences- including fines and court cases- could interfere with the natural progression of their lives.
  5. Distraction. Public preaching may distract drivers or passengers, potentially leading to accidents or disruptions of movement within the vehicle. Preachers may also become obstacles to passengers intending to use the vehicle aisles to either board or alight; and instances of personal injury may occur to either parties during this movement including slipping and falling out of the vehicle or hitting oneself on hard surfaces including chair rails.
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