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8 times Jacob Juma correctly predicted the future

Slain social media activist Jacob Juma has been hailed as a fortuneteller after a number of his statements on Twitter came to pass, some months after his death.

Mr Juma famously predicted his death, associating senior Jubilee officials of being obsessed with his death. He also made prediction on the fate of IEBC commissioners and now, his prognosis of Donald Trump winning the US presidential election has come to pass.

Below are the 10 times he correctly predicted the future:

1. When he predicted a Donald Trump win in a series of tweets

2. When he predicted his own death

3. When he correctly predicted IEBC disbandment

4. When he said Eurobond money had been stolen

5. When he predicted a court ruling and was spot on

6. When he revealed this payment to Angela Angwenyi’s windfall from NYS

7. When he linked Ben Gethi to NYS fraud, way before it unfolded

8. We might never know what would happen