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A bittersweet goodbye – Over 25 takes its final bow

It is a sad day for fans of the popular Kenyan YouTube channel Over 25, as the quartet of Jules, Lornzie, Ivy and Shikie have announced they will no longer produce content.

The channel, which has been in production for a good seven years, started as a passion project between four friends and has grown into a brand that celebrates and educates Kenyan and African women.

Announcing their exit after 7 years, the girl group shared on the channel’s official Instagram page that they are currently embarking on different paths, hence the need to end the Over 25 channel’s journey.

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“Almost to the day, this video marks 7 years of us: Jules, Lornzie, Ivy and Shikie, creating content on this channel. Using our life experiences as friends, sisters, working women, and mothers, we poured our hearts and souls into Over 25 where we connected, grew, and celebrated with our audience – boy, did we love it!” the post reads in part.

The Over 25 squad: Lornzie, Shikie, Jules and Ivy. PHOTO| COURTESY

“This was not an easy decision to make, but as Over 25, we now feel it is time to take a step back and figure out WHO we are now, seven years into this journey. In that time we have had marriages, babies, career changes, break ups, make ups, graduations, birthdays and even final goodbyes; like many things in life, sometimes you need to stop and regroup. Is this the end? We cannot say for sure. Will we be back? Possibly. Just not right now,” read the rest of the post.

Over 25 has seen the ladies tackle diverse but controversial subjects such as sex, money, marriage, motherhood and other topics considered taboo in society. They have always been unapologetic in their approach and have never shied away from discussing topics that are considered too sensitive for public discussion. Their honesty and authenticity have endeared them to their fans, who have been loyal supporters of their channel.

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Over the years, their friendship has been a constant on their channel and it has been a joy for their fans to see them grow and develop as individuals. The all-girl squad are fun and unapologetic together, but they also shine individually. Jules, Lornzie, Ivy and Shikie have been great role models for young Kenyan and African women, showing that being successful, independent and unapologetic about who you are is possible.

The news of Over 25’s demise has shocked many fans who have grown to love the ladies and the content they produce. However, the team have assured fans that the end of the channel does not mean the end of their friendship, promising to continue to support each other and collaborate on other projects.

The Over 25 squad: Jules, Shikie, Ivy and Lornzie. PHOTO| COURTESY

The impact of Over 25 on women, more than men, cannot be overstated. They have created a safe space for women to have open and honest conversations about issues that are not normally discussed in public. They have also provided a platform for young women to see themselves represented and to be heard.

The end of Over 25 is undoubtedly a loss, but the legacy they leave behind is significant. Jules, Lornzie, Ivy, and Shikie have shown that it is possible to create something special by being true to oneself and following one’s passions. They have also shown that friendship and support can take one far in life.

As the Over 25 squad move on to new projects, their fans can only wish them the best and hope that they continue to inspire young women to be confident, authentic, and unapologetic in their pursuit of their dreams.

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